Choosing A Container Home


Shipping container homes are a new style in home construction that has been welcomed warmly by society. The reasons behind this change are ecological and financial. Container Homesare readily available and they don’t need colossal adjustment to be fit for residency.


There are particular concerns that one needs to look into when selecting a container home.  The type of container to be selected should be big enough to allow occupancy of the entire family plus various aspects like a bathroom, kitchen, etc.   If the number of households is large, then it means a vast or multiple containers will be utilized.  The use of a number of containers to build a home is a guaranteed means of sufficient space and is not limited to large families only.


One other vital element to consider is the total cost of setting up the Container Homes.  Container home construction begins with the purchase of the shipping container.  The next thing to do after buying a container is to pay for transportation to its destination and improvements to a make it a home.  Discussing your plan with a knowledgeable building contractor to assess a total cost will help you do a budget.  An important point to note is that containers vary in prices, based on their design.


Various container designs include; the four room house, the port-a-bach, the ecopod, the espace mobile, and the container city.  A four room house is brought about by stacking four containers vertically, and each container is equivalent to a floor.  A spiral staircase is constructed to connect the rooms.  The allocation of  use for each room may include the kitchen space, bedroom, living space and bathroom.


Ecospace mobile containers are very suitable for customization and are inexpensive.  It is as though its designer had a home owner in mind.  These types of containers are made to store and retain heat and can be modified to accommodate a balcony and interior configurations.


The port-a-bach has a peaceful retreat like design to allow limited use of the surrounding landscape.  The means by which this type of container is delivered to its desired location are helicopters or trucks.  This design is capable of holding two adults and two children, and connecting to local utilities is not a problem.


The container city model utilizes space the most while maintaining the original design of the container.  Container city models can be put together vertically and are ideal for homes, offices, apartments, and work spaces.  These designs are already popular at youth centers as classrooms, studios, and retail spaces.


Ecopod container designs are favorable for energy preservation and are relatively smaller in size, unlike other container types.  The unique characteristics of the ecopod design are the rubber floors and presence of solar panels for power provision.  They are also insulated to retain heat especially in cold weather.  It is easily transported and can be used in remote areas.


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